Artist Statement

Ming Ying (b.1995) is a London based artist. Her works are almost exclusively in oil paint. 


Her paintings reflect feelings of alienation and vulnerability which arise out of the fact that individuals find themselves distanced from their surroundings in this rapidly changing society. There are two important factors for her to explore in the process of her practice: loneliness and desire, both topics that relate to contemporary society at large. Nowadays, marginalization, alienation and anxiety prevail in our society. The feeling of these phenomena runs through and is presented in all of her works.


Loneliness and desire not only affect her, a foreigner in London, but also have a strong impact on peoples from different races, cultures and distinct social classes. When she paints, she thinks about specific memories, people or emotions and visualize various characters and scenes in her work. Her inspirations originate from her quotidian moments, memories, journeys, or are based on novels, movies and dramas. Through these references a viewer is able to find not only the author`s self but himself as well. By employing distorted strokes, passionate color, and different color layers, she is able to establish a romantic and psychedelic scene that is based on the real world, implying a vision that people desire. The characters’ faces are often blurred by impasto paint, while some classical or delicate quotidian elements are added, surrounding the protagonists to enrich the composition of the works. The effect intends to highlight the alienation between the people and the environment in the picture. In these works, no matter how bright and vivid the scenes are, the characters always present a sense of alienation.


Her works create a dreamy scenario, which toes the line between figuration and abstraction, attempting to form a world, which is parallel to but separated from reality. Through depicting the mundane and memorable moments of her characters’ lives, she materializes the existence of marginalization, alienation, homogeneity, to ultimately create an opportunity for resonance through the language of painting.

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