Artist Statement

Ming Ying (b.1995) is a London based artist. Her works are almost exclusively in oil paint. 


Her paintings are done to suggest a kind of collision which tells that people’s cognition quite often goes counter to their reality. In the everyday world, people often find themselves dazed in a contradiction between reality and unreality. For example, when their spiritual worlds are different from or conflict with the world that they live in. As a painter, she feels pushed to expose the phenomenon and try to express it through image making.


In each of her paintings, she presents a view in which such a contradiction can be clearly felt by looking at the surfaces, colors and lines. Different visual surfaces in different areas work to express the collisions between reality and unreality. Exaggerated lines and brush strokes are applied with thick paint to depict real and figurative zones while an abstract pattern is built with flat paint to embody a kind of imagined fictional zone, both of which are either broken into or slightly touching each other. Each painting is comprised of two halves: one, a realistic expression; the other, an unreal one. In my works, one can find a combination of opposites: impasto paint and flat paint, exaggerated and natural, dynamic and static. Therefore, out of the real scenes in the paintings comes to the audience a sense of unreality.


She is not to provide an answer to the contradiction but would like to reveal it to the viewers and leave it open for a discussion. More important, the collision as such is a good means of functioning to stimulate people`s minds to think deeper, for people’s minds are full of imagination, illusion and fiction. By combining different layers and contrasting surfaces, she intertwines something imagined with that experienced in life. And she employs a semi-figurative way to create an atmosphere which is characterized by realistic and fictional elements. Thus, the works appear with a dream-like quality, which, she expects, can work to trigger the imagination and resonance of the viewers.  

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